A new Inovative solution


• Established Spring 2011
• Formed from a group of sub-contracting engineers with many years experience in renewable energy
• New consept for processing fluid organic waste locally
• Competance in Energy and Enironmental Solutions
• Biogas Services



Products & Services


Green Gas AS has by virtue of its own competance and the skill of its family partners the ability to take on tasks within Energy Consulting, System Design & System delivery including training and establishing H&S routines. In addition to customised systems and the delivery of it own Biogas Systems, Green Gas AS can also offer packaged solutions in other environmental and bio technologies.

  • Consulting
  • System Design Project Management Turn-Key Deliveries H&S Documentation


Near Energy Biogas


System for the local processing of wet organic waste and the local utilisation of the products

Smaller, but more distributed systems

Adaptive Solutions for each location/waste type

Decentralised value creation




Our near energy vision



Our Technical basis





Biogas reactor – in a modular system
• Thermofil prosess - Efficient capacity
• Reprodusable project
• Scalable
• Simple Ground work/ preparation by customer