Green Gas
Waste to no Waste

Scenario 1


1024px-Egyptian_Countryside_R03.jpgMany rural communities lack both safe sanitation facilities and reliable sources of energy. A small-scale, containerised, anaerobic digestion system can process human and animal excrement as well as other soft tissue organic material in a safe and efficient manner. The system integrates toilets and washing facilities with anaerobic digestion and electricity generation.

Being containerised the systems can be built and tested in the factory prior to installation. The containerised design enables easy implementation without extensive civil works requirement. The system is easily expanded to cater to larger populations and this can easily be done as the population of the area increases. Depending on the population being served such a single digester/toilet system could produce from 2kWe to 10kWe pr hour electricity plus hot water.
The system is controlled and energy is produced in the same container that houses the toilets.