Green Gas
Waste to no Waste

Scenario 3


Grand Hotel Sharm el Sheikh06Many of Egypt’s resort hotels are stand alone islands without connection to utilities for power and sanitation.
Likewise river cruise ships produce significant amounts of organic waste during their cruises, waste that must be processed in bulk as the ships are passed through their terminal docking places.

Biogas systems can process wet organic produced by hotels and cruise ships, converting it to energy and fertilisers.
For the hotels, a biogas system can handle all wet organic waste from the hotels operation, as well as waste from surrounding agricultural activities, contributing to the energy requirements of the hotel, greatly reducing the need to purchase diesel fuel for their generators, whilst providing valuable fertilisers for surrounding agriculture.
For cruise ships, waste products taken ashore can be processed to produce fuel gas that can significantly reduce the use of diesel for operation of the ships. Once again the resulting digestate can become a valuable fertiliser for agriculture in the area.